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Client Testimonials

"This is the third time you have painted for us, and the first time in our new house. Thanks again for another great paint job. It's nice to have someone working who cares.

I'm recommending you to other people who have moved into our new condo development who require painting.

Thank you Avni,"

— Clive

"I would definitely recommend Avni Meto of Alber Painting for any of your painting and drywall repair needs. He is a highly skilled professional in his trade. Avni came to my home on a very busy day as we were preparing our home for sale. I actually had a professional photographer in on the same day. Avni went about repairing and painting our kitchen and made a point of moving all his supplies into another room when it was time to shoot kitchen photos.

He takes all the paint trays and brushes home with him and does the clean-up at home. Avni will give you a free estimate of what a job will cost and I have always been very pleased with his prices. As a Real Estate Agent, I feel confident referring my pickiest clients to Avni and I will continue to do so."

— Donna H

"Avni Meto has come into our home and has painted and patched a number of rooms already. When it came time to painting our baby-to-be’s room, I had no hesitation asking Avni to come in and pick the paint that would be safest for our baby. He came in and did a wonderful job (as usual) and made sure that our baby’s room was ready in time! He has always been helpful and a pleasure to deal with!"

— E. Carpinteiro

"I have used a number of different service providers while managing the upkeep of my rental units as well my home. The unfortunate reality of my experience was that more often than not, I was disappointed with either the service or the outcome. The one glaring exception to that have been my experiences with Avni.

I have used his services on four or five projects already and I can honestly say that he will be the only painter that will ever get my business at this point. His sense of responsibility, pride in his work and attention to detail are unrivaled.

I could go on and on about how much of an impression his attitude and work have made, but I think that it is already fairly clear that I am a strong supporter of both his character and work. Please feel free to give me a call or email me with any questions that you may still have."

— Filip B.

“My wife and I have known Avni Meto professionally for more than 14 years.

Avni has painted exterior areas of our house and, recently, the interior of our garage.

He also repaired the concrete foundation in the garage. Over the years, Avni has patched and painted every room in the house. He has advised us on the type of paint that should be used and he has suggested colour schemes.

We found Avni Meto’s work to be first rate. He is an experienced interior decorator, he is honest, reliable, friendly, and a very hard worker.

We do not hesitate in recommending Avni Meto’s services to anyone.”

— J. & G. Leslie

“Avni has done some painting for me. His manner when he did the work was very professional. He was reliable and I have not hesitated to recommend him to friends and colleagues who were looking to have some painting done.”

— M. Martel